Writers Tricks of the Trade Volume 7, Issue 4 Winter 2018 - Page 34

B RINGING C ARDBOARD S CENES TO L IFE (C ONT ’ D ) was a car enthusiast and the daughter was a cheerleader. All of that was re- flected in the surroundings I created with artifacts and memorbilia. The house was my palette for painting their lives. OW TO CREATE A REALISTIC SCENE . Available on H Amazon P RESS “C ONTROL ” THEN CLICK “BUY” TO PURCHASE ANY BOOK B UILDING A B ELIEVABLE Imagine this: Tires screech as the driver desperately applies the brakes. The car skids on the rain slick street. Branches brush the windshield when the out-of- control vehicle jumps the curb. Can you feel it? If you were in that car, would you have time to notice things? Smell the burning of the brakes or feel the panic of loss of control. You better be able to if you want the reader to feel it. P UT YOURSELF IN THE PICTURE . Play with being there. Write some sample scenes and share them with friends or fellow authors. Do they sing? Maybe they are over-descriptive to the point of being an information dump. Analyze, fine tune and learn. Pretty soon your readers won’t be able to resist turning the page. YOU ARE THE DIRECTOR AND PRODUCER. KEEP YOUR READER GLUED TO THE PAGE WITH YOUR WORDS...LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION W INTER 2018 P AGE 26 W RITERS ’ T RICKS OF THE TRADE