Writers Tricks of the Trade Volume 7, Issue 4 Winter 2018 - Page 32

RE-LA Menu K EEP H ER S AFE M ARTHA C HEVES A UTHOR /R EVIEWER ABOUT MARTHA Martha has been our resident review- er for a several years She finds books we might not have found ourselves. She doesn’t limit herself to just-pub- lished books. A good book will always be a good book. Visit her websites for more reviews and recipes. HTTP :// MARTHASKITCHENKO RNER . BLOGSPOT . COM (A B OOK AND A D ISH ) HTTP :// STIRLAUGHREPEAT . BL OGSPOT . COM (M AIN S ITE ) HTTP :// MARTHAATKITCHENK ORNER . BLOGSPOT . COM (M ARTHA ' S K ITCHEN K ORNER ) HTTP :// MARTHASRECIPECABI NET . BLOGSPOT . COM (M ARTHA ' S R ECIPE C ABINET ) By, Richard Parker ISBN: 978-1786813121 Publisher: Bookouture Publication Date: January 11, 2018 Pages: 266 Kindle, paperback Boy do I have a review for you! It's a true thriller with surprises along the way. This book is Keep Her Safe by. A must read if you like suspense. The figure was halfway through, their bulk bent over the ledge and partially concealed by the curtains their body was bulging out. Maggie lunged for Penny. She scooped her out of her crib and clasped her tight as the figure's weight landed on the carpet and shuddered the floorboards. As they stood, the hood of their dark blue poncho glistened from the rain. Maggie yelled. An incoherent warring that came from deep inside her. She hoped it would briefly startle them. The figure froze, and Maggie saw blue surgical gloves clutching a carving knife. Her shoulder butted hard into the door frame as she reversed from the nursery. Fingers seized her bob of dark hair. Maggie twisted her head, clutched Penney to her chest and crouched as she made for her open bedroom door. He, or is it a she, is called the 'Babysitter.' The Babysitter has found a way to commit murder without getting 'blood on their own hands.' How - simple - you kidnap a child and have the mother of that child do the killing for you making her the murderer, not you. And when she has done the dirty work for you, you simply have her killed by another mother. This book took me through the wringer! It would make a perfect movie, especially if it were released around Halloween. The 'Babysitter' will scare the heck out of you while making you believe this is something that could really take place. And as for the ending - I was totally surprised and shocked to find the motive behind all of the murders. W INTER 2018 W RITERS T RICKS of OF your THE TRADE If you like a good mystery that will keep you on the ’ edge seat, P AGE 24 don't miss Keep Her Safe.