Writers Tricks of the Trade Volume 7, Issue 4 Winter 2018 - Page 23

A N U NEXPECTED T URN : H OW R ADIO F OUND M E (C ONT ’ D ) would get easier. She also suggested that the next time I should have bullet points. A week later, a box of books arrived at the station. They were from a local pub- lisher who was looking for a radio show to interview his authors. The tide turned in an instant. I started to believe that maybe this wasn’t the disaster I thought it was. Then a few more local authors and publisher contacted me. My confidence in- creased with every show. With each episode, I told myself, before going live on the air, that no one was listening. That helped tremendously. I soon discovered that I didn’t have all the answers about publishing. However, what I didn’t know, my guests would. Guests on the show share what inspired them to create, write and continue on this journey into the publishing world. Together we explore the creativity, format- ting and marketing of various projects. My panelist and I discuss where to obtain the tools needed to guide the writer in editing, printing and distribution. Our panel discusses comedy and article writing, as well as the art of formatting a screenplay, and utilizing the best approach to present to an agent and producers. More im- portantly, we enlighten, encourage and inspire writers of all ages and backgrounds to recognize their full potential, and pursue their dream of becoming an accom- plished writer. I spent four years at KLAV with “Aspects of Writing”. After the station was pur- chased and the format changed, I decided to create my own studio and syndicate the program myself. I went from an average audience of 4,800 at KLAV, to over 2.5 million on the various networks that air my show today. “Aspects of Writing” is syndicated on i-Heart Radio, i-Tunes, Speaker, AMFM247.com, Blog Talk Radio, LiveStream and Roku TV. I am also on 14 terrestrial stations (refer to my website: aspectsofwriting.com). I have interviewed well over 300 self-published and traditionally published authors, actors, directors, producers, movie script and article writers to date, and obtained a worldwide audience in the process. Moreover, the best part of my job is the friends I have made along the way. I have learned that every guest has a different story to tell about his or her journey. I continue to create and write, and hope to have my next book out this year. The show airs live at 1:00 pm every Saturday on amfm247.com, and is simul- taneously broadcast over the terrestrial stations listed on my website. In addition, the show airs again on Sunday’s at 9:00 pm on Blog Talk Radio. Archived shows are available on the following links: Audio - Aspects of Writing: http://www.aspectsofwriting.com i-Heart : https://www.iheart.com/podcast/aspects-of-writing-28350166/ amfm247.com: http://amfm247podcast.info/admin/category/aspects-of-writing/ Video - YouTube: http://YouTube.com/aspectsofwriting W RITERS ’ T RICKS OF THE T RADE P AGE 15 W INTER 2018