Writers Tricks of the Trade Volume 7, Issue 4 Winter 2018 - Page 20

43 RD A NNUAL L IST O F B ANISHED W ORDS (C ONT ’ D ) Drill Down – Instead of expanding on a statement, we “drill down on it.” Fake News – Once upon a time stories could be empirically disproved. Now ‘fake news’ is any story you disagree with. Hot Water Heater – Hot water does not need to be heated. ‘Water heater’ or ‘hot water maker’ will keep us out of hot water. Gig Economy – Gigs are for musicians and stand-up comedians. Now expanded to imply a sense of freedom and a lifestyle that rejects tradition in a changing economic culture. Runs a risk of sharecrop- ping. View / Add comments to the Banished Words Facebook page Lake Superior State University, in the heart of Pure Michigan and the Great Lakes, , overlooks the St. Mary’s River, the Soo Locks the largest waterway traffic system on earth, and northern Ontario, Canada in Sault Ste. Marie, is Michigan’s smallest public university with an enrollment of approximately 2,100 students. It is known for its academic programs such as fisheries and wildlife management, engineering, nursing, criminal justice, fire science, teaching, and much more W INTER 2018 P AGE 12 W RITERS ’ T RICKS OF THE TRADE