Writers Tricks of the Trade Volume 7, Issue 4 Winter 2018 - Page 13

W HO OR W HAT I NFLUENCED Y OUR W RITING S TYLE ( S ) (C ONT ’ D .) However, the one thing he does right is he doesn’t write scenes. Instead, he makes every scene a chapter. As a result, his books might have eighty to over a hundred chapters. That makes the story move faster. I’ve done that with Meleena’s Adventures. As for my other novels, I have longer chapters, but with relatively short scenes because I like to write the same way I like to read. Those scenes may change to short chapters in future novels. We’ll see. Thank you James Patterson. INFLUENCES We all have influences. Who are yours? Do you even know, or will you have to step back and think hard? Maybe you don’t even realize that one person is responsible for how you lay it all down. You might be surprised. Happy writing! A RE YOU READY TO MAKE YOUR STORY ... W RITERS ’ T RICKS OF THE T RADE P AGE 5 W INTER 2018