WristWatch Magazine #19 - Page 110

U T S W atc h e s By Michael Thompson Teutonic Tolerance UTS has achieved cult status among dive watch collectors. T o manufacture a dive watch that safely reaches depths that, frankly, very few men or women actually visit underwater requires the use of a case with strictly calculated tolerances and carefully judged designs. Water under pressure is unforgiving, and a dive watch is meant to be a tool to assist a diver. Underwater, a leaky gasket or a poorly assembled case is more than simply an inconvenience. Nicolaus Spinner, the founder and chief engineer of German-based UTS Watches, leaves nothing to chance. Since he founded his brand seventeen years ago he has been the only person to decide whether each of the two hundred dive watches he makes each year is truly professional grade. 110 Wristwatch | 2016 “I only trust my own precise calculations,” Spinner says. “As a result, the manufacturing tolerances are exact, and all detail items, such as shafts, crowns, pushers, and seals, are not standard components but represent wholly individual engineering solutions. Since 1999, I have been building our high quality German-made watchcases.” Thanks in large measure to Spinner’s obsessive nature and focus on deep-dive models, UTS has achieved cult status among dive watch collectors. Spinner’s facility, near Munich, operates much like a small-production maker of complicated watches, but with a focus on cases, bezels and their attachments rather than strictly on the automatic or manual movement inside.