WRGO Magazine 2016 Publications - Volume 3 May 2017 Volume 4 - Special Issue | Page 26

A Place in Your Heart was created by “Rev. Dr. Catherine M. Gross” specifically to lift up the fans of Michael Jackson. In her words: Our purpose to help others remember him, and not the negative me- dia attention that he gained throughout the years. A Place in Your Heart will also showcase other groups that have causes which promote his legacy positively. Love is a verb. So we will be making a conscience effort to make sure our purpose is not for- gotten. We are not going to sit around and dream about love. We believe if words can make someone hate you..then words can make someone love you. We are building a love wall. If words can make you hate someone, then word's can make you love them as well. We are going to get the word out in a variety of ways! This is a love campaign for Michael Jackson. http://www.aplaceinyourheart.org http://www.blogtalkradio.com/a-place-in-your-heart A Place In Your Heart Website A Place In Your Heart Blogtalk Radio https://www.facebook.com/groups/CatherineandFriends/ Catherine and Friends FB Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/aplaceinyourheart2/ A Place In Your Heart FB Group MJ SISTER DR. CATHERINE GROSS MEMORIAL SERVICE RESOLUTION https://youtu.be/YksSgDFlWY0 Video Credit: Valencia Dantzler/motherdivashow VIDEO FOOTAGE OF REVEREND DR. CATHERINE GROSS RADIO PERSONALITY, COMMUNITY AC- TIVIST, CHILDREN'S ADVOCATE AND STRONG WARRIOR IN THE MICHAEL JACKSON FAMILY COM- MUNITY MEMORIAL SERVICE WAS HELD AT CHICAGO APOSTOLIC CHURCH MAY 15, 2017. VA- LENCIA " MOTHER DIVA" DANTZLER MADAM AMBASSADOR OF HOUSE MUSIC/NEDIA PERSON- ALITY AND TRIBUTE EVENT ORGANIZER IN MICHAEL JACKSON COMMUNITY READS A RESOLU- TION FROM ADLAW (ANTI DEFAMATION LEGACY LAW ADVOCATES https://antidefamationlegacylawadvoca... THANK YOU TO THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR MARY JANE BROOKINS FOR WRITING SUCH A BEAUTIFUL RESOLUTION THIS IS THE LINK TO THE OBITUARY AND https://www.scribd.com/document/34922... I was moved to create this spec ial magazine tribute book in honor of “Rev. Dr. Catherine M. Gross” as a small token of my love and apprecia- tion. She deserved this and much more. I tried to find as many posts left by friends on her personal and group Facebook pages. Please forgive me if someone was left out. It was only because I did not see your post. Catherine had thousands of Facebook friends and I’m sure you all loved and appreciated the work she done inside and outside of the “MJ Community”. I had not spoken with her much in almost two years, but isn’t it strange how God work? It was just a few weeks before she passed away that we had reconnected. Catherine had been dealing with other projects and battling an illness as well as myself. I pray this tribute book will bring some comfort to those who love and miss her. A special thanks to “Ms. Valencia Dantzler” for reaching out to me, volunteering to attend the memorial service and present the “Letter of Resolve” to Catherine’s family. I also thank her for the video she recorded during the service. You can make a donation in Catherine’s name to the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago. http://epilepsychicago.org/ I’m sure she would have loved that. God bless.