WRGO Magazine 2016 Publications - Volume 3 May 2017 Volume 4 - Special Issue | Page 24

Very sad to hear you have left us Catherine. Your love for Michael was relentless. I am happy you chose me to do an interview with and I love you for the respect you gave me. Rest In Peace. Theresa Gonsalves Before I became a Minister of the Gospel of Christ, Catherine M. Gross befriended me when she was a Minister, serving at the Apostolic Church of God (ACOG) in Chicago, Illinois! Our friendship was only diminished at that point when she left that church: we have not seen each other since! We constantly communicated however! And I did not know of her passing until the fifteen minutes before I began to write this post! I know something of the loss of a loved one for I am a member serving at ACOG of its Home going Celebration Team! To the Family of Catherine M. Gross, you have my condolences and you are in my prayers! In Jesus' name: Let it be that God blesses the family and friends of Rev. Catherine M. Gross with HIS comfort, signified by the love and comfort shared by them in memory of Catherine! And let it be that at those special times, that they remember Catherine's love for them in the memories of her in their hearts, and they will smile! Minister Reginald Griffin This is what Catherine did for everyone she was in contact with. ~Kathy Payne~ A Simple Peaceful Life Video Missing you Catherine M. Gross more than words can say. ~Trish Overbay~ “Until We Meet Again” Lavora Brooks