WRGO Magazine 2016 Publications - Volume 3 May 2017 Volume 4 - Special Issue | Page 12

Cecile Duteil Carmen Memotamj Tarin Dominguez ‎ Lisbeth Andersen‎ Remembering Cat: Rev. Dr. Catherine Gross Andrea Bocelli, Céline Dion - The Prayer Video Credit: A Phillymac Channel Inner Michael Memorial By: Rev. Barbara Kaufmann I am very sad to hear the news of the passing of Catherine. She was always strong, a light in the darkness. She was a sincere and fierce MJ advocate. I will miss you every day, Catherine! My deepest condolences to Catherine’s family and friends. ‎ ~ Louise Trezand ‎ ~ So sorry for this incredible loss still can't believe it. We spoke on oc- casion and every time you lifted my soul. Thank you so much for your love. Rest In Peace sweet Catherine M. Gross you will be forev- er missed. ~Julie Vicharrelli‎ ~ I am so sad to hear the news of your passing Catherine. We exchanged messages a few times in reaction to your David Nordahl interview back in 2013, it is so sad to hear you have left our wonderful community. You were so well spoken and I always felt the pure love in your voice and your podcasts were wonderful to listen too, you will be greatly missed, keep an eye on us all still and we will do you proud. You will ALWAYS have a place in our heart too. LOVE, ALWAYS AND FOREVER. ~Steven Hodges~ Ingrid Segers‎ Dear family of Catherine I am so sorry for you loss. I have never met Catherine in person, but across the miles, I live in Belgium , we have become friends on Facebook. I will truly miss her and wish you and your family strength at this difficult moment. Sincerely, Ingrid