WRGO Magazine 2016 Publications - Volume 3 May 2017 Volume 4 - Special Issue | Page 19

Tanja Jackson Gobs : R . I . P . sweetest Cathy
Rest in peace , dear Catherine - and rise in glory ! ~ Ann C . Haave ~
Rest in peace love . You ' re missed deeply .
~ Courtney Renea ~
Catherine Gross was a shining star in this community . She definitely left a legacy of love .
~ Kim Bailey-Lloyd ~
My dearest MJ sister Catherine .. I did not tell you how much I love you for some time and now it ' s too late ... Michael was right .. we do not know how long we have with our beloved ones so do not forget to say them I LOVE YOU ... Now I ' m saying it keeping my head up towards Heavens . I love you , my sweet Catherine . Now Lord welcomes you home and Michael waits with his arms open to embrace
you .
Rest in peace dear Catherine LOVE and GRATITUDE
~ Anne Mette Jepsen ~
Dear Sis Catherine : You were a gracious & lovely person on fb , enjoyed knowing you . U r with the
angels in heaven now ~ Carinne Solange ~
Dear sweet Sister . I am heartbroken . You were such a kind , sweet , caring soul . You will be so missed . I so admire your strength and the beautiful person you are . I know Michael was waiting to welcome you into his arms . God bless you sweet sister . Rest in peace . I
love you .
~ Donita Smith ~
Reach‎out‎tonight‎and‎light‎a‎candle‎for‎the‎eternal‎life ... as‎ she‎ starts‎ her‎ final‎ steps‎ to‎ our‎ Lord‎ and‎ Savior , ‎ our‎ MJ‎ sister‎has‎been‎received‎to‎heaven . ‎Take‎a‎minute‎and‎pray‎ for‎ her‎ family‎ as‎ they‎ deal‎ in‎ this‎ suffering . ‎ We‎ love‎ and‎ miss‎you . ‎Thank‎you‎for‎being‎a‎big‎part‎of‎our‎life . ‎we‎have‎ learned‎so‎much‎from‎each‎other , ‎but‎you‎ put‎that‎special‎spin‎on‎life . ‎AMEN‎‎‎‎‎
Catherine M . Gross is daughter , sister , a friend and child of God who created a PLACE IN YOUR HEART where she knew that she could grab us as one , a quiet place to hear the beautiful thoughts that would put us in a place so sweet as roses that grows . Catherine M . Gross , Now she can grab those roses with thorns and carry them to heaven , and she will be filled with so much love and happiness because she touched each of us in her own way . l can remember in 2013 l was in Illinois and was so ill and Catherine called to check up on me . She was in Chicago and l was in the southern part of Ill . near St . Louis and a town called Belleville , and it was winter . One thing lead to another and l told her it would be best that you stay there because you know how much the weather changes in your area , but to have someone that you have only met on line that wanted to come that far ... that is pure love and l will always remember that each time l see a cardinal or a blue jay as they sing . It will be the sound of my friend Catherine M . Gross . l love you very much and l will so miss you . l am so glad l did meet you in Gary . You are the example of an angel brought to this earth to touch . Rest in peace my sister You are free and you will always be so beautiful . When the bird sings I thank you for your special friendship and being there when l needed a special ear MAY you rest in peace .