WRGO Magazine 2016 Publications - Volume 3 May 2017 Volume 4 - Special Issue | Page 15

Carmen Mauus‎ Lydia Giménez Llort‎ ‎Tina‎Hall Clara‎Isabel Angelita‎Rios‎ Elizabeth Olney Patricia Ramachandran Andrea Day Sylvie H. Girard Lavora Brooks Vanessa Little Sharon Kay Janie Jane Grost Susanne Baur Angella Wains Karuna Devi Maxine Chapman Linda Minutella Dianne Chilgren Sharline Arce Eleytheria Karamolegou We are devastated for your departure, dearest Catherine. We join friends to lit a candle for you You'll be always in our hearts 4LOVEprojects. org Laura Munroe Mary Bosque Adrianna Jackson Tatyana Kurjanova Katrina Jones-Gallon Steffanie LevinaKidd Westerfield-Shea Helen Marie Paola Salazar Sheryl Wilder Kimberly Mybaby Cales Karen Slack Jennifer Richardson Lisa Hyde-Boland MariaAmelia Sousa Sigrid Ellies Marquardt Bonnie Lamrock Jacqueline Ravelle Bass Myers May your eternal soul rest in peace. You will be missed dearly. ~ Inge Christensen ~ Ingrid Homolla With a very heavy heart I read about Catherine's passing. I will always remember her as the loving, encouraging and inspiring soul that she is. I will never forget summer 2014 when I spent some weeks at home recovering from surgery. At that time I listened to her radio show, sometimes two shows a day, about 6 hours. Lying in bed or on the sofa and listening to her and her wonderful guests literally carried me to healing and made me feel blissful. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, Catherine. When she called me about one year later her voice on the phone was so familiar to me, it made me cry. Now I'm crying again, sad about loosing her so early. Bev‎Steyn Catherine M. Gross was a special member of the MJ Global Family and will be missed Rest in Heavenly Peace dear Catherine Rest in peace dear Catherine. I and we love you forever. ~Frédéric Charlot ~ Christine Walldén I donated a pair of 'growing' shoes to a child in Sri Lanka through Michael Jackson's Legacy in Catherine's honor, I hope she would have loved that Joanne Williams Kathy Payne Rachael Paulson Jannatul Ferdous Ann C. Haave Maria Artemiadou Rest in peace dear Catherine M. Gross. ~Brigitte Feda~ My Love and thoughts to your family and friends. I will miss you my friend. Thank you for sharing your insight, your encouragement, and your beautiful self. Rest in Power you "Super Cutie." Love you. ~Noble Love~ Janice Frogel Jolanda LunaJo Van Der Grift Kathy Card Artlee Williams To Allah/God we belong and to Him we return. Rest In Peace won- derful friend. ~Chandni‎Shahpara‎Malik‎ ~