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the Trigger sound you want to hear blended Rec’N’Share you can record audio and video CURVEBALL 2 – CROSSTALK ISSUES, TUNING, AND into the mics. You can also choose other kick at the same time and upload it to social media MUFFLING. sounds and hundreds of other great samples if if you like. Recording yourself and reviewing As I added triggers and pads I had to listen for you add more triggers or pads. There are 127 your performance is a great way to learn and sounds triggering off of the acoustic kit. Listen kicks, 77 snares, 76 toms, 70 cymbals, 127 improve. Do it! carefully to fake hits or overlapping triggering (crosstalk). Fine tuning the trigger parameters percussion samples, and 118 special effects. You can also add your own samples if you want CURVEBALL 1- THINGS TO BE AWARE OF. was the solution. But I had to read the manual to. Then there’s also an Effect knob to add I do recommend going through the “auto and figure it out. Also, because the unit is delay, compression, a phaser, a flanger, wah, adjust” setting when you first set up. This allows clamped on the kick drum, it picks up more or distortion. And lastly, the Reverb knob! Yes, the unit to reference your type of playing and tone from the toms and some extra snare built in reverbs, gates, plates, and more. But make the necessary gain adjustments to the buzz. Rather than using gates or compression just hearing the raw sound from the device is mics and triggers. You can also fine tune these options, I opted to muffle and tune differently pretty amazing too. I still opted to always add a settings in the module. It is very much worth the to get the drums sounding just right with the bit of a kick sample from the trigger for a bigger process to get the best results from the EAD10. EAD10. Not a problem really, but I had to think bass drum sound even when I didn’t use the You may also find that where your drums and differently to get the best results with this new reverb and effects. cymbals are positioned can affect the balance of technology. sound. Experiment with placement, if you can, EXTRAS AND CURVEBALLS to get the best balance. Sometimes brighter Overall, the EAD10 is an incredible drum mic- You can record directly into the EAD10 to cymbals can cut through too much. Remember ing and triggering hybrid device. I give it a 5-star hear your performances, but space is limited. this is a stereo microphone and trigger device. rating. Well done Yamaha! I would recommend recording to a USB stick In some live settings I’ve heard engineers say or better yet use recording software on your they had to cut some of the higher EQ settings computer. Just using a USB stick you can still to get a proper balance. But how you play also play back songs on the stick and record to determines the outcome. www.YamahaDrums.com it at the same time. Also in the free IOS app May 2019 $499.99 Street Price Subscribe for Free... 153