Worship Musician May 2019 | Page 151

adaptor with a three-foot extension and plugged into the stereo 1/8 input jack. Using my in-ears I wanted to jam with some Earth, Wind and Fire on Spotify. There was plenty of headroom. And with the vibration on my back, it was a fantastic practice experience. The Headphone Volume controls both Bass and Aux input together. By adjusting the output on my iPhone, I got a nice mix to jam along to. TAKE AWAY: I like the BackBeat. As a bass player, it’s an excellent experience to be able to feel your bass in live situations. Many of us have to use a DI with no amp on stage. Drummers usually have a “butt kicker” attached to their throne to emulate a large sub next to them without the stage volume that comes with it. Wearing the BackBeat makes playing in those situations a lot more fun, and more inspiring. It’s interesting how it enables you to hear the notes through your back. After getting used to it, I missed it when I played again with it off. Besides being useful tracking and playing live, it’s perfect as a practicing tool. Playing along with tracks on an iPhone, and feeling the bass without disturbing anyone is amazing. On my studio bass, I leave it connected to the strap, so it’s ready for recording or practicing. I’ve got the charger close by. If you are looking to get more “feel” in your current playing environment or looking to get an inspiring way to practice the BackBeat uniquely provides both. I hope you get a chance to check it out. $299.00 Street Price www.GetBackBeat.com May 2019 Subscribe for Free... 151