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At the heart of MultiTracks . com , we love to innovate . When worship leaders vocalize a challenge that they need someone to solve , we get excited . Being worship leaders ourselves , we can empathize , and we see these moments as an opportunity to free up worship teams to focus on what really matters .
That ’ s the heart behind the creation of an ecosystem of resources we call The Connected Stage™ where building a set or making a change in one resource can update that information across all your other apps and resources . When a song arrangement is changed in Playback and saved to a Setlist , all the charts in our ChartBuilder app are updated to reflect that arrangement . Reference tracks in RehearsalMix ® are also updated so musicians can be fully prepared before they even show up to rehearsal . Playback can also control slide changes in ProPresenter , where you can import lyrics that perfectly match the multitrack .
All of this has been built to not only improve the lives of those who lead worship , but also to increase the quality and effectiveness of the message they ’ re trying to share every Sunday . But as time goes on , the needs of the global Church have changed .
The past few years have moved many churches towards a new season of online streaming of worship services . Though some have been streaming online for years , many churches had to take a crash course in setting up their online streams . With this came a new spotlight on licensing and reporting .
Taking all of this into account , the team at MultiTracks . com recently saw an opportunity to innovate and simplify licensing for churches . We know what songs churches are singing when they use our products , and reporting on lyric and streaming usage is possible through setlists on our platform . Not just what churches planned to sing , but even songs added in last minute or even mid-service .
So , we set out to create a comprehensive license , for both song lyric copyright and streaming of songs and master recordings within an online stream . This became the Church Streaming License™ .
The Church Streaming License is a modern license that provides a solution for the needs of many of today ’ s churches that find themselves streaming online using multi-tracks or master recordings that require licenses for online use .
With the Church Streaming License , MultiTracks . com users can now report simply by using resources in the MultiTracks . com
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