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PRESONUS SPHERE | Mitch Bohannon
Music creator ? Do you write with your worship team ? Do you record with your team ?
I ’ ve been trying out PreSonus Sphere with my son , Sam Bohannon ( FBC Westlake ) and sonin-law , Michael Bennett ( New Life Corpus ) this past year and I ’ m really excited to finally tell you about it . This is a review that was so much more than just putting a product through its paces for a few weeks and it is much deeper and broader than I can honestly cover on this page , but I ’ ll do my best to present the concept .
In this day and age of remote work and collaboration , PreSonus Sphere is a game changer . If you write and record solo , with a group , or with your team , unless you happen to have 36 hours in each day , being a part of PreSonus Sphere will make a world of difference .
PreSonus Sphere is not a subscription , it ’ s a membership . When you become a member of the community , you get everything PreSonus … Studio One Professional ( the latest version ), all plug-ins , all add-ons , Notion , all Notion addons … the list goes on . It ’ s different than if you purchase ( XYZ ) DAW where every few months there is a firmware update and to get new plugins or add-ons there is a separate price to pay .
Updates with PreSonus Sphere include expanding the virtual instrument database and adding new effects . These are real expansions to the tools available for you to use . In addition to the add-ons and plugins , the video tutorial database grows monthly where you and your team can hone your skills and become more proficient .
So , here ’ s a scenario I ’ ve been discussing with my boys . I ’ m certain that everyone reading this
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