Worship Musician Magazine October 2022 | Page 110

while the major renovation of the Central Venue sanctuary was taking place . COVID actually contributed to the delayed arrival time of each soundboard which was actually helpful for me . Because of the multiple boards we were buying , we chose to hire two different pro-audio installation companies in the Lake Area . Porche Advanced Systems , LLC oversaw the install of all AVL in the Central Venue and Stevens Audio Visual , LLC took care of the dLive installation and the tuning in our North Venue and then I installed the SQ systems in our smaller venues .
Only the Central Venue boards had arrived and been installed by the time I started working . The FOH console is a dLive S7000 , the monitor board is an SQ6 , and the Avantis takes care of our live streaming audio in the Production Room . At the heart of the amp room is the DM64 I / O that is directly connected to the dLive S7000 and then the audio is passed to the Avantis and SQ6 via gigaAce connections .
The North Venue received a dLive S5000 with a DM48 I / O . The Student Venue and the Trinity Kids area both received SQ6 boards with the kid ’ s area needing two DX168 ’ s for stage boxes and the student area has a GX4816 I / O .
The beauty of these different stage boxes is that they are interchangeable and can be inter-mixed . For instance , I am now budgeting to add two more DX168 boxes for our drum enclosures in our two big rooms . These are rugged , moveable boxes with plenty of inputs for all drum microphones and even enough for our click and tracks channels . This will allow me to have all of those inputs routed through one CAT5 cable connected back to the system . It also frees up the input channels at the main I / O in the instance I need more inputs .
THE BIG PICTURE : The Central Venue equipment had been destroyed and absolutely had to be replaced while the other rooms had older working equipment that would benefit from an upgrade . The fact that we were going with all Allen & Heath products made the “ whole house ” upgrade logical . Logical is the key word here when it comes to Allen and Heath in the way they all work together .
Another logical aspect to our situation … our finance team directed by our administrative pastor , Greg Bath , is planning for the replacement of all equipment . Every piece of equipment that costs over $ 1000 is being placed into a life-cycle calculator and money is then being saved based on that calculation so that by the end of a normal life cycle of a piece of gear ( like the dLive ), we will have the money set aside to replace it ! There ’ s a life-lesson in
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