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and they each sound great ! And , as I have said and will say again , they are all in one box .
The Classic mode gives you those mids you ’ d expect from a TS style but without dumping too much low-end or giving you a super nasally sounding drive . It ’ s more balanced and certainly familiar . The Boutique mode has more of a flat EQ to me ( or at least way less mids ) but is still chewy in all the right ways . Versatile most certainly gives me Timmy vibes . It ’ s the drive pedal that made me understand the hype behind the “ transparent ” sound and Ron delivered his own take on it that is usable and , yet again , familiar . I have never actually played an original Hermida Zendrive ( they are highly sought-after and pretty expensive on the used market ; they aim to capture the sound of Robben Ford ’ s overdriven Dumble amp tone ). But as far as this player ’ s half-decent ear is concerned , this at least gives you some smooth and creamy lead sounds that I would absolutely associate with the Dumble-esque tones I ’ ve heard and I would say is the star of the show on this pedal . The Crunch mode takes this pedal over the top in terms of versatility . You get a hard-clipping option that will serve you well for the big rhythm and lead sounds you ’ d expect from a distortion pedal and did I mention that it is all in the same box as your other drive sounds ? The Clean Boost mode is just that - it ’ s clean ! You can shape it a bit with the use of the bass and treble controls and really get just more of your amp sound or just use it to slightly juice your neck pickup for some delicious lead lines .
So let ’ s get past the cliche answer - everyone needs one . Yes , I personally think everyone should get one because it ’ s a very well designed and expertly crafted pedal that sounds incredible ! But in a more poignant sense I think those who would absolutely love it are those players who have an affinity and appreciation for classic and iconic drives . I don ’ t have direct experience with an Eternity or a Zendrive but there is no denying the quality and versatility this pedal brings . There are a handful of options for drive sounds and with the MIDI capabilities you can really utilize this as your only drive pedal when using the pre-boost function to add some extra saturation and push to your current sound . I typically like to use a pedal in a live context to really get an idea of how it will work for me personally but as I am sure all of us are experiencing right now , live situations are not as common as before . Even still , I have a strong feeling I will love the Overture in that regard as much as I have sitting in my studio at home getting swept up in tone-vana .
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There is also a Pre-Boost you can choose to apply to provide up to 12dB of boost in either mode to the front of the drive circuit . This is really great if you are one who likes to stack pedals because of the natural compression and / or sustain that happens when doing so . You could dial in a sound for rhythm and then call-up a preset set exactly the same but with the Pre-Boost activated to really give you that lift you will want when going for a lead line on a big outro of a song !
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