Worship Musician Magazine March 2023 | Page 42

Have you seen any of the Pub Choir videos that have been showing up on YouTube ? You should . I love ‘ em !
If you haven ’ t , you ’ ll be asking , “ What ’ s Pub Choir ?”
Pub Choir is a global movement that started in 2017 in my home country of Australia by singer , arranger , and conductor Astrid Jorgensen . A Pub Choir event has regular members of the public buy tickets to go to a pub ( or , as the crowds have grown , licensed live music venues and theatres ) to spend a couple of hours with Astrid and her supporting musicians . She forms the crowd into an ad hoc sort of choir . They rehearse and then perform a song that is recorded ( audio and video ) and released through the Pub Choir YouTube channel .
Such is their growing popularity ; the events are always sold out well in advance . The growing numbers of subscribers , likes , positive comments and views at the Pub Choir YouTube channel attest to the fact that having a group of people singing together appeals to a lot of people .
Check out one of the older Pub Choir videos as 1,500 strangers sing “ I Want It That Way ” by the Backstreet Boys .
This Pub Choir singing “ Yellow ” by Coldplay came out just yesterday ( as I am writing ). Pub Choir events are held regularly around Australia and have branched out to New Zealand , the United Kingdom and the USA .
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