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able to share curriculum with those people . You need to be able to choose streaming video that they can watch in somebody ' s living room on Wednesday night , and use an Apple TV or Roku to watch the video that introduces that week ' s small group topic . So , what we ' re doing is bringing all these different pieces together . Churches used to have seven different subscriptions to seven different tools to run their church with different usernames and different passwords . With Faithlife Equip , you can have everything in one place .
[ WM ] So this supports the entire church then ?
[ Bob ] Absolutely . And that ' s one of the big differences , right ? Church management is a tool for the admin , maybe the pastor , maybe the treasurer . But an Integrated Ministry Platform is a tool that you can use to coordinate who ' s mowing the lawn or driving the church van this week , as well as tools that the congregation can use to submit a prayer request or volunteer to be scheduled for a worship service , things like that .
[ WM ] Wow . I love that . Now , many churches are on tight budgets and rely on volunteers to make their ministries run smoothly . So how can smaller churches with fewer resources benefit from Faithlife Equip ?
[ Bob ] Well , it ' s all bundled together in one price ( and is reasonably priced ) and it reduces your training burden . That is a benefit in itself . You don ' t have to do as much account management . You don ' t have as many passwords . You just have everything in one place .
[ WM ] I like that . So , what makes Faithlife Equip unique amongst other church related technology products ?
[ Bob ] The integration is a big part of it . Faithlife has been serving churches with Logos Bible Software for almost 30 years now . We understand the church ; we understand the pastor . We ' ve been delivering content
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