Worship Musician June 2020 | Page 74

just to facilitate music. Or to make sure the band sounds decent or knows what they’re doing, or to sing on key. We remind them that they’re at River Valley Church, they’re pastoral musicians, that’s the phrase that we say quite a bit. If they’re leading people at their campuses for twenty minutes, that is their twenty minutes to shepherd and pastor people. That’s one of the founding principles that we talk about a ton. We barely talk about lighting and we barely talk about video content. We like that stuff, and we feel like that’s another way to be creative, but what we fill our hearts with and what comes out of our mouths a majority of the time, is a reminder that these songs need to be God centered, declaring the name of Jesus, Biblically sound, and again, the authority we have as pastoral musicians to lead people, that is most important. [WM] I like that term, “Pastoral musicians”. Let’s talk about the subject of “nostalgia”, and the special feeling associated with it. You and I both experience this with baseball. I fondly remember the Detroit Rocky Calavito, and o However, nostalgia in a bad rap. Sometimes people to not “live in the past ministry experienc Scripture that there for remembrance. T often built stone mem commemorate what G according to at least faith, increase an atmos increase confidence in perspective of nostalg personally balance reme looking forward? [Ryan] In my time and worship pastor, I’v amazing and profound is worship?” And that’s question. Again, I’ve hea but my favorite definition is remembering and a 38 June 2020