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CONS: You need a solid keyboardist and some ambient harmonic trails. This type of reverb is Well that pretty much covers the most common sort of sound library like Mainstage or a nice often called a ‘shimmer’ or an ‘ambient’ reverb. ways to incorporate pads into your local keyboard with great built in sounds. You also This audio effect is difficult to describe so check scenario. At the end of the day, our job as tie up your keyboardist who could be playing out the audio sample below. The audio signal worship musicians is to create environments some more intricate parts on synth lead or is manipulated in a sophisticated way that and spaces for distraction free worship to piano. If you use software-based sounds you creates higher octave shifts and modulations occur. We use all the tools available to us to will also need a computer or laptop to run that imitate an ambient pad layer based on the allow people to enjoy the deep moments of those. This is the most expensive scenario. sonic information of the instrument. This is a corporate worship and music plays a huge very cool sound used by many modern worship part of that. Pads are a great way to assist TIPS: Choose your sounds carefully. Keep the guitarists. Some common brand names of this in creating that atmosphere consistently and high-end frequencies dialed back and make effect are the Line 6 Particle Verb which does requires little effort to achieve fantastic results. sure the patch isn’t too overbearing sonically. this very well, the Strymon BigSky Shimmer or You don’t want a subtle pad part to sound like the Valhalla Shimmer Reverb. If you haven’t started using pads yet, I would a 90-piece string section! AMBIENT/SHIMMER REVERBS encourage you to take the plunge. I’ve heard PROS: This method is super cool, artistic and testimony after testimony of people who are unique due to its reliance on the musician to so glad they jumped on board and started create the musical information as well as the using them in their services across the globe. often-unpredictable nature of the reverb itself. Something cool happens to us as humans Works well on piano patches. when we find ourselves in a warm atmosphere of sonic bliss. Pads are just one more step in CONS: Requires a ton of gear ‘tweaking’. Can that direction. Jump on in and see for yourself get out of control and chaotic in the hands of how you can benefit from this musical mystery the wrong musician. Also uses up one of your and be on your way to a more excellent musical musicians. experience in your own environments! TIPS: Spend time crafting the exact right amount of shimmer. Rolling off low end helps This method is more of an ‘effect’ situation. clean up the sound spectrum of this effect and This scenario takes an instrument signal, such can prevent muddiness. Do not rely on this as an electric guitar or piano and routes it method for predictable results. through a reverb specifically designed to create April 2019 Brian Michael Fuller A composer, multi-instrumentalist and worship musician who currently serves as the worship arts pastor at Newhope Church in Durham, North Carolina. You can hear some of his original production music at www.fullertime.com. The pad sets that he has designed are exclusively available at www.worshiptutorials.com and have sold over 50,000 copies!. www.fullertime.com www.worshiptutorials.com Subscribe for Free... 183