Worldkustom 2015 February 2015 ENGLISH - Page 5

How much is it then? There were no price tags in the store?

– We don’t like to stress our customers with irrelevant disturbances, one of the salesmen Tyler Stevensson says.

The salesmen are very attentive and polite and of course the prices on selected cars are shared with Worldkustom if we so wish. We respond this politeness with not asking for 28 price figures. We settle for three just to get a lay of the land.

Pedal tractor below a pedal car without pedals and an entire two horses on those tiny wheels. USA always has a hefty amount of horse power in their cooking.

Cadillac 1959 with the Biarritz V in the front, nice interior, whole honk-ring and cruise control. 39 300 dollars.