Worldkustom 2015 February 2015 ENGLISH - Page 43

celebrate one of the girls 21 birthday.

Marita and I took them out for a dinner which was really appreciated. As the Beatles fan I am, when I saw that the Cirque du Soleil show Love was on we have to get tickets. I can say one thing, if you are in Vegas, see it! Amazing show with a perfect mix of old Beatles songs remastered by George Martins son Giles. For you guys who don ́t know, George Martin is the guy who produced all Beatles albums from1962 to 1970.

Vegas is also filled with car related events. The SEMA Show is held there every year and several big car auctions is held during the year. There was no car events the weekend we spent there, but we did visit

The Auto Collections Museum. I have written an article about the museum and my meeting with Jimmy Velvet. You can read about it here. is the largest advertise site for American cars in Scandinavia.

We ended our weekend in Vegas with a helicopter tour over the Hoover dam and Grand Canyon which was really cool. We drove back to Santa Barbara again to drop of Emelie before we continued to LAX. It was time to go home. 3 weeks fly by fast when you are on vacation and having fun.

As I wrote in part 1 this wasn’t a trip focused on cars, more a relaxed road trip with my wife and some tourist activities. I can highly recommend to o a trip like this without having everything pre booked. Start plan your trip! And drive carefully.