Worldkustom 2015 February 2015 ENGLISH - Page 41

trees, and also gave us a hint about a cool place she recommended us to spend the night. The best part about not having everything pre-booked is that you have the opportunity to be a bit spontaneous. We drove to a little place called Jenner by the Sea, just were Russian River meets the sea. We got a room just by the water and had dinner at River's Ends Restaurant. Great food and amazing view over the sea.

where Curt ties the police car etc. One of the things that didn't was shoot in Petaluma was Mel's Drive Inn. The scenes on Mel's was shot on 140 South Van Ness in San Francisco and sorry to say the restaurant was demolished a few years after that. But you can see a copy of the restaurant at Universal Studios in Florida. Well worth a visit. After a nice lunch on the cruising street we continued our trip up to Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve to check out the big Redwood trees. Enormous trees that makes you feel really small next to them.. We met a nice lady who worked in the reception at the reserve and she told us a lot of interesting things about the

Here are the traffic lights where Milner and Falfa raced for the first time. The alley where Curt tied the police car and the alley where they found the 58 Impala after it got stolen.