Worldkustom 2015 February 2015 ENGLISH - Page 40

In last issue you could read about our road trip in California in September 2014. This is part 2. I have always wanted to see the big Redwood trees in north California. We didn't have time to see the biggest ones that are over 150 meters, but we did see trees that were over 100 meters. But first, a really important thing! Petaluma!

Some of you may wonder what Petaluma is. It is the city were George Lucas started filming American Graffiti in 1972. It is probably one of the movies that has had the biggest impact on people born in the 70s and also that movie that started the big import of American cars to Sweden. The story was set in Modesto 1962, but the primary shooting location was Petaluma.

I remember how much this movie affected me when I saw it for the first time, 14 years old, in 1972. Before the movie I had been reading car magazine exposing cars from US so the interest for American cars was growing. After American Graffiti, my interest for American cars got really strong and still is, 42 years later. We visited all the cool shooting spots in Petaluma. The corner were Milner and Bob Falfa meet for the first time, the location

By Mats Carlsson

Roadtrip Californien 2014

Part 2

We stopped at a local car meeting on our way to Petaluma. Nice cars and a small swap meet where "the cool guys" from Satan's Sons MC and Hells Angels hanged out. Luckily the sheriff had it all under control.