Worldkustom 2015 February 2015 ENGLISH - Page 38

By Lars Krantz

Translation Ellen Kay

Sunday, January 11, 2015.

Awoke in a twitch. This is no good, I’m supposed to work. What time is it? Gently pulled the arm from underneath the young girl’s slim neck. Her long, dark hair sticking to my forearm. Left a silent kiss on the one bare shoulder and let the cover embrace her. Tried to read the watch on my arm but couldn’t focus in the dim light. Stepped out to the cellar hallway with a bundle of clothes, hopefully mine, closed the door to the beauty and flipped the switch. A apple.

The strong lights burned like weld sparks in the eyes. I hopped on one leg on the rug, freezing and couldn’t find the other sock. Did a second try with the watch. Quarter to.. Quarter to.. Something. When I got out the windshields of the Impala had a bluish gray color from the morning dew. Let go of the parking brake and let the heavy steel ship roll backwards, downhill. Didn’t want to wake the house. Let her go in full speed, touched the mailboxes and should have needed to steer

out on the asphalt but with the servo not operating it turned into a minimal change of coarse followed by a dead stop.

– Well, pretty good. I was straight across the big road 50 meter from the house and could wake the double exhaust engine.

Sat straight up in the seat, shivering and looked out into the night. I still didn’t know what the time was but Kersti Adams Ray soon unveiled that mystery when the song was over.

– You are listening to Sweden’s Radio P3 and Night Radio when the time is four in the morning on Monday the 18th of September 1978, she said.

The full moon painted the landscape in blue and silver. The water glittered softly on the lake Långsjön and the houses were in a quiet slumber alongside the black mountain’s pine tree draped feet. Kersti played Doobie Brothers Long Train Running as the windshield slowly dried. The boy behind the wheel smiled in the darkness. The weekend was still running through his body. He looked around.

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