Worldkustom 2015 February 2015 ENGLISH - Page 36

The sun drills down its hot beams into the white leather sea of the Cadillac. Today eight containers starts to fill up with classic cars. The sweat is dripping down his nose.

He’s been working hard with titles and bill of sales and transports. He is trailing a bit but leaves what he has to Mattias Brännström, a Swede that owns Shipping R US in MIami. Cars are also waiting in Texas and soon it’s opening.

Leif-Ivan laughs.

-Nah, lets call it a day.

Susanne Getten, another

Swede takes care of it all.

Let’s party. The boat is

waiting to take us out to

sea, says Karlsson.

“The boat” is not the

Cigarette but a comfy

thing in white leather with , microwave, hotel beds, fridge, tv and twin V8:s that takes 15 people to 60 mph on the waves.

-That’s good. Then I can go 40 on half throttle and just cruise he says and turns the sound system up so the Ferry islands can hear it.

The son Pierre Karlsson and the licensed skipper Joakim Sköldhammar makes some comments about Leif-Ivans skills regarding floating vessels

in shallow water. Party!

The king of fucking everything floors it.

Interview 30 minutes. Unfortunately only in Swedish. Worldkustom apologize our valued American readers. No subtitles. So much to do. So little time.

Susanne Getten is a cheerful south Swede that keeps all customers happy.