Worldkustom 2015 February 2015 ENGLISH - Page 34

All juniors have stepped up to the koncern leading different branches. The humor is always there and the generosity. Son Pierre (right) had received a package with an oil pan. The ugly parcel he put in the middle of the dining room so he could see it watching TV.

Father and son has sawed in the plastic of the boat together mounting heavy duty sub basses and amps.

Opening last of April.

World Of Classic’s and sales is opened for Vip guests the 30th of April 2015. Worldkustom will follow the preparations all the way from Florida through the snowy streets of Sweden and on to the opening. Of course we’ll also cover the opening together with the TV cannel TV4. The Mustang is mint and waiting for a container. It’s a 1968 GT with the illusive 428 Cobra Jet motor and a stick.

He pops the door on his tripple white Cadillac convertible from the last year 1976 and we take off for Miami. We have a burger at Burger King and he deletes dressing and bread.

– I’m too fat.

High price.

The cuttings on his legs says it all. They are opened and the blood vessels are moved to his heart. He had a massive cardiac arrest at 39. The now 55-year old has been on full throttle and everything takes its toll.

-Nahh, I was back in the saddle after three days. I couldn’t sit still. I was back in business and have accelerated after that, says the man who eats hart medicine like M&M:s.

Today every TV channel wants him . The want to do reality series of his whole family but Susanne says no. He’s allready been in the program Swedish billionaires showing his 22 room