Worldkustom 2015 February 2015 ENGLISH - Page 33

Leif-Ivan Builds World Class Car Museum in Stockholm

Furthermore all Chevrolet years from 1955 to 1965 , Muscle Fords, eight second doorslammers and other tire burning monsters i.e. all the good stuff from the American car history.

Leif-Ivan is no rookie. He has been dealing with cars for 30 years. He started a retro café with all the nostalgic stuff we see today 35 years ago! See magazine above.

– I was way ahead of time, he says. I had to drench that. Now in 2015 it’s a must . Thats why he’s built a 7000 sq inch banquet hall on top of the museum with a stage big as a two bedrum two baths flat.

Well, ahh it’s for my body Peter Jezewski’s 12 man rock and roll band who plays 50’s and 60’s musik, he says.

For the band to be heard he just bought a brand new sound system suited for a concert hall.

- But on the opening I’ll just have Peters trio. More cosy and I can mingle around and have time for all the 300 VIP-guests, says Mr. Karlsson.

Never without his Susanne. The couple has been living in Florida for three months per year since 1983. During that time the family has expanded. Nowadays children and grandchildren are filling up the house that has become to small.

Never bumptious

The family is so easy going with great hospitality. It’s immediately feldt. Leif-Ivan started at a gas station at 13 and bought his first american car . At 15 he worked at a bigger station that demanded 15 year of age. He sold sawing machines. Susanne is also from the same part of Sweden. She cleaned train wagons with her mom at that time when they become a couple in life. The Karlsson family loves Karaokee. Not one at a time though. They have 5 mices at the same time and wails away likes wolfs to the moon. They live in a too small house in Forth Lauderdale where the grown up kids have to share rooms if they are there at the same time.