Worldkustom 2015 February 2015 ENGLISH - Page 32

FLORIDA. The Super-entrepreneur buys 100 classic american cars and starts his own museum. Leif-Ivan Karlsson is one of the most Googeled names in Sweden. The blue colour boy from Överkalix above the arctic circle has had more firms than you have had t-shirts. For you who wants to see figures, surf the net, but let me tell you this. It feels like he can buy Lithuania.

The redneck car guy who got rich is unwrecked by the success. When he has landed with his helicopter on Power Meet (one of the worlds biggest car events for classic american cars is held in sweden) and walks the swap meet iles in his ugly shorts buying old signs he’s right in his back alley. Leif-Ivan is not hiding behind, company boards, answering machines or tinted glas. He wants to take a beer with you.

-I can’t help it. I love people, he says.

Worldkustom just got an unique interview

with the man so many has written so much

Krantz and Karlsson

about especially after that TV-schock program about the the wealthiest men in Sweden. We found a genuine easy going car guy and a genuine family.

One of the newly bought cars that are shipped to Sweden for the museum. A 1954 Oldsmobile 98 with all options. Air intake on the rear fenders leads air to the airconditioning in the trunk that

forwards the cold air into the back of the coupe. Rare. The Supermuseum World Of Classic’s in Stockholm is almost ready to open. 9000 sq feet is furnished with Cadillac Eldorado Biarrittz 1959. Eldorado Seville 1959,”Lettercars” from Chrysler meaning 300 C, 300 D up to 300 G.

"I can't help it. I love people"