Worldkustom 2015 February 2015 ENGLISH - Page 31

Mission 47 was executed without a lifeline.

Normally you would finish a project before publication. Mission 47 was published live in real time with a modern, in 2008, webcam where internet followers could follow the progress day and night during 47 hours. The readers got to join the successes as well as the setbacks in this naked and revealing live stream. Updates about the race against the clock from the sleep deprived and raging amateurs were continuously posted for the readers to take part of. No manipulation of reality, only the naked truth. The response was huge. People watching live sent over delivery pizzas at night, watching for hours

realizing they had to be hungry since they had

been at it for hours with no food. People came with parts for the car. One guy came with sandwiches. The local newspaper had the crazy guys in the garage that didn’t sleep for an entire weekend as front page news.


When the car was first spotted in New York State it had been outside on the same spot for ten years and “melted” as they say in America. It got a paint job in 1995 with fake fixed spark boxes. Today the paint is cracked and shaved off. The spark boxes need a complete change. The car has to get new paint job. What is even possible to do in 47 hours?

Car home in Sweden. It runs smoothly but the stiff diagonals forced Krantz to winch it into the garage. The rusty tubs were welded prior to Mission 47. It’s Wednesday.

Friday is The Day. Then it’s time for the Buick to get rolled into a borrowed body shop in Härnösand for 47 hours of massaging by the Team. Don’t miss part 3 in the March issue of Worldkustom.