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Mission 47

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Isn’t the car finished yet? Is the bank account strained and 2015 already here? Is there about to be another summer without a classic car where you just visit car meets? – Forget about it! Complete it now! Do it in just one weekend with the help of friends and ride all summer long.

The project car Mission 47 was created in 2008. The story of Mission 47 has repeatedly been in high-demand ever since. Does the makeover of a car have to take three years, ruin relationships and end with a paintjob for 4600$? Is that happiness?

Maybe I’m starting to get old, but I remember a time when disengaged hubcaps and chromed plastic screw-nuts was hot before midsummer weekend of -77. I remember when a couple of friends painted a car for less than 120$ and kept its shine the whole summer through.

Is your car standing on flat tires, kind of rusty with a tired looking paint in the garage? Are you feeling pressured by the ones dividing the trunk cover to see if there is possibly any rust between the sheets? Forget about it.

We are going to quick-fix the car, we’re gonna’ have a good time doing it and we will above everything RIDE this summer! It is high time for a Mission 47. Five heroes gather to transform a worn down car to a smooth roller in 47 hours. And all of this to the cost of 1300$. Ride along.

Part II

The mission:

In less than 48 hours get the Buick ready for summer. The car needs rust work, lowered suspension and a paint job.


Mission starts 5 PM Friday and the car has to be finished 4 PM Sunday.

A warm space, car lift and paint box.

Total money spent cannot extend over 1250$.

No professionals, only amateurs participate.

The Team:

The chosen Mission 47 2008 team was:

Part 2