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Spring time is coming

Lars Krantz

To shake hands, exchange words and really meet the readers is the best thing. Jump forward and say hello. I will be in the combined Krantz-jacket and Worldkustom showcase all way down in hall D next to the exit and food trucks.

In this issue Mission 47 starts for real. You will get to know five totally new heroes that under time pressure will work together on a Buick from 1950. Catch the series from the start and follow the work, the troubles, the bad jokes as sleep deprivation hits, the victories and the finale in several upcoming issues.

I promise you – you do not want to miss this and this is just the beginning. In Worldkustom you will be able to follow several series, more different kind of projects and some really crazy stuff. Spring time is just around the corner for the hobby and it is precisely your work, your project and your passion that is interesting and so it is your story we will tell.

Spring time is coming. The days will be longer and lift queues soon will be shorter. You and I and the entire hobby are heading towards a brighter time. All I want with Worldkustom is to shed light on YOU as an enthusiast.

It’s YOUR work that’s important. That’s something I have learned from all amazing acquaintances I have made under what is soon to be twenty years of travelling through Sweden. During this time, Krantz has become an expression but that’s beside the point. It’s all about YOU, the local hero. There are you readers that are the hobby, which contributes with all that interesting stuff.

Just look at the guy in this issue from Ljusdal that built himself a Chevy 57. Look at the enthusiast who made a fortune but never changed and built his own American car museum during his later years. I’m looking forward to all new acquaintances in 2015, to meet you, not the least on Elmia in Jönköping this Easter.


We are working for worldkustom

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