Worldkustom 2015 February 2015 ENGLISH - Page 29 has quickly become one of Sweden’s leading online music portals for everyone who likes vintage music played in the 21st century. will frame this All American Day and make its mark on the event plus go full throttle into the night in a Top Fueled finale with Sweden’s best and newest bands nominated by the readers of Worldkustom. The newest addition to Worldkustom magazine is Music Challenge. Click in, listen, vote and meet them in the finale.

The new Swedish online car magazine is producing this event with Krantz as speaker, with filmed features from the car show, with interviews, pictures and surprises. A great part of the editorial staff will be on site.


will be there

Sweden’s largest USA car site. The by far most visited car portal won’t just be on site. is a co-promoter!

You will be able to meet Mats, check out a state-of-the-art media company and get valuable tips from the man behind all success.

will be there

The competition seen by 100.000 people will come to Sweden’s most densely populated area. The chance is HERE to see the world’s newest car show and it’s Swedish! Krantz Challenge is gearing up for a National battle. 32 cars can compete. First come, first served. The winner will be in the Super finale in Classic Car Week 2016 including travel, hotel stay and the chance to win 1300$.

Krantz Challenge is coming

Everybody knows who Lasse Soderqvist is with the racing clothing line, the leather vests, college jackets and the Krantz jacket.

Another hard working man that will be there to serve and assist you in finding the jacket just for you. He will answer all questions you have got regarding club jackets, logos, designer bags and the leather jacket worn by 900 costumers including Peter Jezewski, Arne Nilsson, Bernt Karlsson, Memphis Travels and Sko Uno.

Din Jacka will be there will be there

Saturday, 8th of August. ALL AMERICAN DAY!