Worldkustom 2015 February 2015 ENGLISH - Page 26

There is talk about changing the schedule on Classic Car Week. I’m only saying. DON’T MISS THE FIRST SATURDAY ON THE TRACK. You will get to see world class showcars turn, run, roll and battle for three hours for the audience’s vote. THERE’S NOTHING LIKE IT ON EARTH. The best cars from all the other places around Sweden will battle to win the Superfinale. Are you psyched yet?! The pressure and the will to win are so big that tears fall out of disappointment as well as joy.

– I will never forget this, many say.

People are up in the bleachers sobbing when it’s over.

- If you never heard about anything like this before then you’ve heard right!!!

Krantz&Krantz plays during the week in the Park.

8. Vännäs 8th of August run their own Krantz Challenge on franchise basis. A terrific place to be at just next to the Motor museum with lots of rockabilly afterwards.

Coyote Cruisers goes all in! They really know this by now and word of mouth has spread. Full throttle, 32 cars competing for a spot in the Superfinale. Barbeque, museum, tractor parade and just warm, cool fun!

Norrland is karate-big and there are plenty of cars. If you liked Gumboda Hed earlier in the summer you will go here as well. And of course…This is the last chance of the season.

-DID YOU MISS Gumboda the choice is easy. Head to Vännäs 8th of August!

9. NEW CITY Nykvarn, in-between Södertälje and Strängnäs, 8th of August. All American Day. NEW CAR MEET together with and

American Day will be so much more than a regular car show. We’re talking bikes, tractors, trucks, music, cars, better food, more happenings, great activities for the children. The area is perfect with wide open spaces for historical vehicles of all kinds and Krantz Challenge will of course be here. Winning car will get 350$ and a spot in the Superfinale with two lay-overs in Rättvik 2016.