Worldkustom 2015 February 2015 ENGLISH - Page 25

3. Trelleborg and Palmträffen takes it to the next level with Krantz Challenge third year in a row and this time the Southernes will run the show on their own!!

The weather inn Trelleborg was sun sun sun. The problem was that it still rained in the rest of Skåne and STILL lots and lots of people and cars joined the day. Palmträffen will once again roll the weather dice and are doing Krantz Challenge in 2015 in that lovely southern accent.

Shiver may the rest of the country be doing. The area will be bigger, hamburger trailer bigger, power chords larger and the speaker easier to understand in 2015. It’s all ready to roll and looks like they’re gonna hit a new crowd record. Don’t miss the chance. The only one down south.

4. Gumboda Hed lördagen 4 juli. Succé i fjol! Rock and roll, sommar, dans och camping på den stora festplatsen i Västerbotten.

Gumboda is all about all that good stuff!! Great bands and lots of cars. Fantastic party venue with barns and pubs and party tents and dance floors to get lost in. This year the entire forest will glitter in chrome since all historic vehicles will be let in to the festival area. What a view! Don’t miss it. Save the date of the entire weekend! Big artists and well-known dance bands is the cream of the crop.

5. Härnösand Saturday 11th of July. Music party and giant cruising with over 1000 cars.

In Härnösand the entire city joins in! Krantz Challenge concerns all the 16.000 inhabitants and attracts people from a 13 mile radius. Härnösand will be wide open! Streets, town squares, roads, restaurants, hotels, motels and parks. The municipality has ordered it to be this way and people applause to the beat of the music and cars in the Challenge. All ages will be on blankets along the cruising street. Music on five stages around town. Blue sea, sun tanned people and looong night. Magic!

6. Hudiksvall Saturday the 18th of July. The event that increased to an entire motor week and a HUGE cruising at night.

Hudiksvall has gone completely cray-cray!! The city already had a big cruising. Then Krantz Challenge showed up and just as in Härnösand the municipality is on like donkey-kong and is now talking about an entire motor week. It’s totally impossible to tell all in five rows. Look it up on the internet, find info and go there. Saturday will be a boiling pot of great cars, music and fun. On Friday Krantz&Krantz rock’n’roll band will play and Krantz will be speaker in the center of town on Ladys Run. Top of the line.

7. Rättvik Saturday 25th of July. First the local Challenge and then the SUPERFINALE. World class cars.