Worldkustom 2015 February 2015 ENGLISH - Page 24

1. NEW TOWN: Gällivare Saturday 13th of June Midnight Sun Meet

The people of Gällivare are really good at traveling to other close cities like Ume, Skellefte, Pite, Lule, Happis, Torneå, Kemi, Rovaniemi, Oulu, Mo i Rana, Tromsö! Now it’s time to give back! Cruise to Gällivare 13th of June – And don’t even dare to forget about Kiruna.

-Kiruna, Christ, it’s mandatory attendance in Kiruna says Krantz :0), well aware about the fact that car enthusiasts can’t be commanded. We are a free people. Maybe the last of them.

Festival band with songs from the 50’s and 60’s Krantz&Krantz are warming up the audience for Boppers that night! And Krantz is grabbing the microphone to chat some during the cruising. Worldkustom will photograph, film and do some features on all car meets of course.

2. NEW CITY: Hällefors Saturday 27th of June Nostalgic Weekend, Cruising, music in the park.

Everything all at once in Hällerfors and thousands of people in the city all weekend. Saturday will be a full day with a car show, Krantz Challenge, cruising and Rock&Roll in the park at night. NOW Hällefors has got the chance to send a car to the Superfinale and maybe take home the title that only three have: Norrland’s most Popular Car where 350$ is in the pot as well as placement on three car exhibits with hotel nights.

Krantz&Krantz will play during the day and during the night.