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Krantz Challenge fills cities.

When Krantz Challenge first came to Haparanda it was a car show with 400 cars. Two years later 10.000 people came to the show. When Krantz Challenge first came to Hudiksvall it was a one day event. The municipality immediately requested more days. Today Hudiksvall has an entire motor week that all and all welcomes 100.000 people that leaves prints in hotel reservations, camping spots and restaurants.

The cruising in Härnösand has by tradition always been a tragic event. That is a fact many from around there can support. When the city officials invited Krantz Challenge to the party the motor club ran out of the one thousand printed cruising stickers at nine at night and they instead tried to count the arriving vehicles.

– We gave up trying to count after 1200 cars, a happy president of Hernö Cruisers, Kicki Wiklund said afterwards. It was a success!

Krantz Challenge wants to thank all fantastic clubs that spends weeks and months doing all the prep work. Without you there would be nothing. It’s all about teamwork.

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The season of 2015 has already started!

The first Krantz Challenge competition nominating the contenders to the 2015 season super finale in Rättvik was held in Vännas in August. This because the finale is always held during week 30 and 31 on Classic Car Week in Rättvik on prime time, the starting Saturday at the horse track, this year the 25th of July. Vannas, who runs the challenge by their own machine with full rights nominated the Melinder family from Gubböle with a big block Chevy built in a

1931 Ford Hotrod to 2015. A car that can win the entire thing!!

Sweden’s best way to see all cool cars. Cars that DRIVE in front of the audience, with quick interviews, voting, raffle, intensity, murmur, excitement and music! To the Superfinale all the counties’ winners will meet in a battle of the Sweden’s best. The battle collects 3000 visitors in and around the bleachers. Visit Krantz Challenge close to your home and take the chance to be in the Super finale!

Winner in the Superfinale of 2014.. Lincoln Zephyr 1041 custom. Ludde Lundell, Umeå jumped two feet straight up in the air and picked up the prize girl Sanna Persson.

Krantz Challenge 2015 will come to...