Worldkustom 2015 February 2015 ENGLISH - Page 22

Krantz Challenge


SWEDEN. The world’s newest car show has been seen by 100.000 viewers and it is Swedish! Not only are we the best at collecting historic cars in this little country. We are also ahead in the craft and we have the newest car show on the planet. The Krantz Challenge. Tour of 2015 is here.

First of all we would like to thank all counties that has contacted us, wanting to have the competition. We try to alternate and visit new places as much as we can, at the same time as we find it hard to pass on the counties that books us every year. In 2015 we will be in THREE new counties and will revisit the places we have been in before. For those of you, who got a no this time, please get back to us. As you know, anything can happen in Krantz Challenge.


Last year was an unbelievable journey through Sweden with sun, sun and sun. We broke the record of biggest crowd in all cities accept one. We had sun there as well but neighboring cities had rain and hesitated in going and that is totally understandable.

New trend: Krantz Challenge important to the municipality.

– No, we don’t know each other and aren’t friends since way back, the head of

municipality in hometown Härnösand, and me. Fred is from Stockholm I think. Never mind that. The image is significant to how Krantz Challenge has developed.

Earlier it was just a car thing. Today Krantz Challenge is a municipal event that attracts thousands of people to the city and its downtown. The inner streets are let available as well as the central square and the best spot in the tourist calendar.