Worldkustom 2015 February 2015 ENGLISH - Page 21

Worldkustom Music Challenge

We are looking for new bands. Rock & Roll, Rockabilly, Country, Surf, Boogie Woogie, Doo-Wop and more. Your chance is here!!!


Worldkustom along with and opens a new stage for the upcoming band, unestablished bands, garage bands, bands that mostly rehearsal.

You are playing in garages and rehearsal rooms but have not reached out properly. Now comes the big chance. Submit a song to

Worldkustom Music Challenge

All should be visible

A music scene opens in the magazine Worldkustom where we present several new bands month after month. A perfect place for organizers to find you.

Be band of the month

Two bands each month wins Worldkustom Music Challenge award. One award goes to the band with the most votes. One award goes to jurys selection.

Go to finals

In August 2015 will be the grand finale with lots of audience where the top three bands go. Worldkustoms editorial staff will be there as well and

Win the finals

The winner gets a gig at one of Sweden’s biggest music events. (Negotiations are ongoing)

Everybody wins

Whether you go to the finals or not. All are all left on Worldkustom for organizers to sign.


The most important thing now is to send a song immediately.

Hi and welcome. Now it happens!

My name is Ellen Kay I’m collecting submitted material and also sit on the jury.


Picture. We must have a picture of the band. It shall be published in connection with your submissions song.

The band’s name, of course, with the contact person’s name and address, email and phone number so we know where you are located and how to get hold of you.

Music file. Gladly MP3 format need not own material. Cover is OK.

Presentation: Write ten sentences about the band

What is the song you sent? Title and artist, or who wrote it?

What do you play the style of music the most?

How long have you been playing as a band?

Where do you rehearsal? (Which local)?

Gigs you have had?

Plus, feel free to tell me how you started as a band!

Mail to

Ellen Kay