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Over the Boarder

February 2015

1954 och äldre

By Sören Fjellstedt

So it's a new month with new opportunities, and it has been a month of reflection over last month story. Therefore there will be a change already compare to January. I will do an article and align me on all imported cars that come across the border who are 30 years and older and not mix theme in two groups.

To my horror, I see that model year 1984 is currently 30 years old, making all vehicles 1984 and older to vintage vehicles. Time really flies. That means that it must be 30 years ago since I pick up chicks in Wilhelmina in my Cutlass 1970. I have cruise every summer for more than 35 years and promises cruising on at least 35 to.

Next month, I will make a list of how many cars of different brands imported in 2014 and continued to show pictures of cars that have crossed the border to Sweden.

Since the early 1970s, we have imported vintage cars into Sweden mainly from the US and my guess is that the peak year of 2008 will never be beaten. Then they imported more than 8000 cars to Sweden for model year 1978 and older.

The year 2014 has been imported exactly 3028 vehicles received and passed a registration inspection which nevertheless may be considered as really good and it's a mix of everything from a T Ford from 1910 to a Ford Mustang GT Convertible 1984 who found a new home in Sweden. The colors are all the color sin a rainbow but as usual dominates Red, Black and White. The cars have been fairly evenly throughout the year but most in the spring.

Have a great month of February. Cheers!

The oldest car received is one from Henry Ford production a model T from 1914. Didn't get I pic from that but here is a similar from 1926.

The cars' fuel is usually gasoline and in a few cases, diesel and in unique cases electric. A Detroit Electric from 1918 is the only veteran car that runs on electricity that came during 2014. Found a new home in Älvsjö, Sweden.