Worldkustom 2015 February 2015 ENGLISH - Page 13

smooth as a baby’s bottom. The car was then stripped in December 2013. It was then based and hardened for three weeks. After that the car was propped up and received a new under base and thereafter more time to harden while the rear axle got some attention.

The filler sank as acspected. It got a third adjustment before it finally was painted. By then the first of May 2014 had arrived. Thereafter the car was a little bit more grinded and got another clearcoat. Then it was time for the rebuild of a body in pieces.

– It’s really a 210 but I think the Bel Air chrome on the rear is so cool so that kind of got on there automatically, Jonas said.

The ninth of June the car went through inspection and on the 14th it rolled on the cruising in Ljusdal. It immediately received first prize in the car show. After that it collected more trophies in Krantz Challenge. In Hudiksvall it even got to semi finals and in Rättvik it went to eight outstanding with cutthroat competition. Now it’s schedruled to appear in exhibits. This winter the interior is going to Folke Tagg in Hudiksvall and when the summer comes the compressor will too, according to Jonas. He’s taking on step 2 and 3 in one movement, simuntaneously as the garage gets rebuilt for the third time, this time to become a enthusiast museum, at the same time as the full-time job, a family with toddlers and a house.

– The man hasn’t even turned thirty. I wonder what else is on his bucket list?