Worldkustom 2015 February 2015 ENGLISH - Page 12

The 31st of July the rain was pouring down in Stockholm. After agreement the seller met with three boys equipped with flashlights that went through the car. Under worst imagineable circomstances the old car that hadn’t been driven in a while was taken out for a test drive. The spool in the rear axle was hacking and the windows were all fogged up. Nothing felt good even if everything was okey. The car wobbled on the trailer. Jonas had one eye in the rearview mirror for 250 miles. Further up north the rain subsided. In Söderhamn an elderly couple drove up

alongside him and honked.

– What’s wrong now, Jonas thought but realized the honk was a sign of appreciation of his new car. He was soon to be home. The asphalt was dry. It all started feeling good.

Two weeks later the car had been stripped down into molecules. The honeymoon was over and the Duracell rabbit Jonas Gävert

continued working on his dream in three steps. 1. New paint and chrome. 2. New interior. 3. Compressor. Worldkustom payed the dreamfactory a visit between step 1 and 2. The Super Summer of 2014 with consecutive sun for three months had embraced the Chevy in an ultimate way. The body was now in tip top shape. All cracks and bruises rectified, it was now