Worldkustom 2015 February 2015 ENGLISH - Page 11

weights, authorizations and that “I-can’t-believe-I-bought-this-hangover” that hits you when your account have been emptied and you pray you have enough gas to get home. But today everything stands still. There only is serenity when the eyes follows inner ceiling and panorama glass. Only enjoying being alone with the car.

Jonas had seen the ad from the Motorbörsgaraget in Stockholm. The price was 33.000$. Right car, right timing, right distance. He held off, waiting. The guy is young but he has more experience in buying cars than a truckload of 100-year-olds together. The price went down to 29.000$. Jonas, who’s a professional car painter, did some grinding and painting and returned to the car ad while he ate some sausage sandwiches in the break room. He read the ad again. 355 small block with a th700-box sounded good. Nine inch Ford rear axle that had been shortened with gearing 4,10:1 was nothing he really longed for but he thought it problably could be fun. Now that it already was there, it was a bonus. Time to punch back in.

Then one day in week 31 it happened. Jonas surfed on to the website and found the price tag to be 24000$. The han automatically reached for the Samsung in his breast pocket. A reflex. Jonas had been thinking for weeks. Here was the trigger that made his

limbic system to act on autopilot. One two, one four followed by three zeros. Contact.

- Hello, my name is Jonas and I’m buying the car.

– That’s a no go.

– What!?

– I’m on my way to Classic Car Week in Rättvik.

– Yeah well I’m from Ljusdal. I’ll come to Rättvik and buy it on the spot, in cash.

– No, you aren’t hearing me, I’m in another car. The 57 is parked in Stockholm.

– Sigh! Lunch break was over. Back to the masking booth.