Worldkustom 2015 February 2015 ENGLISH - Page 10

On Jonas’ list was to own a Chevrolet from 1957 before he turned thirty. A common complaint amongst us seniors is of how expensive the cars have come to be and how impossible it must be for youngsters to be able to buy the models we had as young. Check it out. Blue-Collar Jonas has owned loads of cars. In 2006, with a youngsters salary of 740$ a month, he

bought rims for 3200$ to his car. Anything is possible. He was one of the first in Sweden to order 20 inchers. I was 21 back then and said: “I just gotta have ‘em”, Jonas says.

He put them on a 1960 Cadillac, fully enjoyed them and received scoldings from the other enthusiasts wherever he went. The year was 2006. Perhaps us elderly already had forgotten about our ramen-Noodels-and-dry-cracker-days of our own when we sacrificed everything for a Cragar SS.

Noodels-and-dry-cracker-days of our own when we sacrificed everything for a Cragar SS.August first 2013 was a thursday. Jonas was awake at the break of dawn. On the yard stood the newly purchased Chevrolet from 1957. The lonesome asphalt road outside the house laid quiet. Everyone was still sound asleep and the sound from the shoes stepping across the graveled driveway felt ear-piercing. The air was raw and yet to be used. The dewy handle moisted his palm as he pushed the button and let the resilience of the door spring open an inch. The feeling was brutal. Once again he was the boy crawling around in his mother’s kitchen. Images of recollection showered him. From six years of age it had been a straight and narrow line. The road may had been bumpy but straight as an arrow. Yesterday was his 28th birthday.

Jonas went to get a rag. Wiped some, looked, touched, did nothing especially productive. Just breathed the presence of the fifty year old car. It’s happening here and now! Gone is the uncertainty, the stress and anxiety of all the preparations. Gone is yesterday’s hectic puzzle of times, places, towing,