World T.E.A.M. Sports 2016 Annual Review World T.E.A.M. Sports Annual Report 2016 - Page 9

NO. 2 BE BOLD Guiding two-person Hobie Mirage Oasis kayaks through Long Island’s sometimes challenging coastal sea lane, the athletes were teamed with 16 able-bodied coaches. The design of these kayaks allows for athletes to either paddle by hand or pedal by foot. Making Coastal Team land fall for rest Challenge athletes stops and meals, and camping overnight on the beach paddle sports two-man event for at Smith Point, this was the first water kayaks, while Face many of these adaptive athletes. of America athletes pedal bikes. and large ocean-going ships headed to and from New York’s busy harbor. Arriving at East Moriches on the afternoon of August 3, the athletes were met by friends, family and colleagues. Together, they celebrated their remarkable achievement with a gala dinner and post-event party at the Water’s Edge restaurant. “All were excited, and that’s what events like these are all about!” said Therese Martin, Independent Group Home Living’s Recreation Coordinator. She reported that many athletes told her afterward they greatly enjoyed the Challenge and excitedly looked forward to future events. REVIEW “Paddling for two days across the Great South Bay, Taking to overcome obstacles is tackling action on whatever challenges encountered, and important in any them life. together as a team, we were working through able to complete this two-day event,” said George Facing heavy cross winds that threaten to blow Taborsky, a Challenge co-director. A regular Face the kayaks to the and Long Island shore, athletes dig as of America rider a volunteer at events such in and paddle with new determination stay on who Adventure Team Challenge New York, to Taborsky, course and reach their destination. is quadriplegic, helped direct the event by kayak with co-director Alex Rohman during the coastal journey. Obstacles can also be psychological. An adaptive veteran overcomes his anxiety and learns to feel Sponsored by TimeCapital Investor Advisory Services comfortable riding with a Financial group of Services, cyclists simply and American Portfolios Challenge by not giving up civilians or dropping athletes include of all back. ages and backgrounds. Off the coast, the adaptive and able-bodied athletes Willpower and rising determination to succeed is not experienced and lowering tides, fast-moving only healthy, but also contagious. summer rain showers and wakes from passing boats 9