Working Man e.g March 2014 - Page 5

Want to become a billionarie?

There are some common facts about the billionaires. Sure there all of the world billionaires are different and made their money on unique way but they share many common factors according to Marie(Staff writer) in the “Eight Things Millionaires Have In Common With Each Other” article written in June 21 of 2013 for the magazine “Prairie Eco-Thrifter”.

Maybe if we follow these facts we can become billionaires.

You can notice that in our top five all of the participants are men. This could be because the woman on the past they weren’t used to work. Woman pass from being one in the billionaire list in 1990 to being 138 billionaires woman now days.

If you want to have more chance on becoming a billionaire “Get a college education and maybe even a postgraduate degree” 85% to 90% of the billionaires have study collage”.

“Put in the hours to get the job done right” 63% of the billionaires work 40 hours ore more in a normal week.

“Be smart about investing”, 70% of billionaires shareholders used an advisor.

“Own your business or professional.”

“A little bit of luck, and Being in the right place at the right time – As Louis Pasteur said, “Chance favors the prepared mind!””

And the most important fact is that less tan 2% of world billionaires have inherited their fortune.

Everyone can become a billionaire, it is not easy but possible, and if you have this facts in mind maybe you can become a billionaires faster.