Working Man e.g March 2014 - Page 4

Everyday the list of billionaires in the world is getting larger and larger. According to IB reporter based on information of the Forbes magazine, in his article “Top Richest Man in the World”, “The number of billionaires across the world has risen from 1,226 in 2012 to 1,426 this year, with the US topping the list with 442, followed by Asia-Pacific 386, Europe 366, the Americas 129 and the Middle East & Africa 103”. The list in a year increases 200 new billionaires. United States leads the number of billionaires in the world with 442 in the second place is Asia with 386, followed by Europe with 365, South America with 129, and at the en is Africa and Middle East with 103 billionaires.

These are the top 5 billionaires according to the Forbes magazine.

This least is head by the Mexican businessman Carlos Slim. He is an educated man and become the owner of a company named “Telecom”. Telecom is the only company in Mexico that has the infrastructure of communication. Then he invested his money on the stock market until he becomes the senior partner of the New York Times. His legacy started when he buy Telmex. Now at his 74 years old he has earned the first place in the world billionaires list owning $73 B.

Bill Gates is the leader of the United States billionaires list. He owns $58 B after he donated $28 B to charity. Bill Gate had a normal childhood. When he get out of Harvard University Bill Gates crate the company named Microsoft software.

The number 3 of this list is the Spanish owner and creator of Zara, Amancio Ortega.

He is the bigger winner of the year wining over $19B. Amancio Ortega started hid business in his home making clothes, and now a day his textile company is in the top of sales.

Following Amancio Ortega is the big hart American donator Warren Buffett, he is a men of 83 years old that is steel fighting to be a big fish. Warren Buffett has a very big amount $59 B. Neither the age nor censer slows him down. After finishing his chemotherapy he continued in business and continue to make very big deals. He has declared one of the greatest investors of all time. Most of his capital comes from inversion, and now a day he is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. The first job of Warren Buffett was to sell newspaper on the streets, and from his father he learns the stock market. He made an investment in the Washington Post that gave him a lot of money. In 2006 he donated the 99% of his fortune to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, and now a day he is still our forth-biggest fish.

The fifth and last billionaire in the CEO and Founder of Oracle one of the biggest software companies in the world Larry Ellison. His company has produce to himself an amount of $41 B. After saying on open T.V. that the Apple good days are behind, he is expecting to climb over the world billionaire’s list.

The World's Big Fishes