Women's Network March 2020 | Page 28

HAVE YOU GOT A / Business DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Doing something physical helps shift funky states and gives back a sense of control. CRY ABOUT IT. Being physically drained should enable you to let your guard down. FEEL IT – LIKE PROPERLY. Express your feelings and bring them into the light of day. PURGE IT. Writing down everything going through your mind and body, fully ‘download to let subconscious ego be heard. YOU’RE IN THE MIDDLE OF? WORDS MELL BALMENT www.mellbalment.com/ REFRAME IT. Gather all of the facts about your purge list. It’s important to understand what is driving all your pain and suffering. One of those life-changing, heart aching, You’re DAMNED either way kind of decisions? What are the easiest false-beliefs or movie scripts that can be trashed? What needs further information? What still scares the be jesus out of you? It’s rocking you to your core and you have no idea how you’re gonna get through this, but you know you’re going to have to face the music and dance with this shit one way or another. Your mind can’t stop mulling over all of the angles, your head and heart are in the constant conflict leaving you exhausted, overwhelmed and no further forward in doing anything productive about it. Regardless of the subject of your torment, it can be hell navigating the turmoil rolling around your head like a tropical thunderstorm. Moments of calm broken with anxiety-driven clashes of fear and doubt. In a matter of seconds, you go from a state of quiet to be then struck with a lightning bolt of new ‘what if ’ thoughts that shatter the skies again. What can amplify the confusion and flip-flopping is when the choice is not really your own. You are responding to something that has happened ‘to’ you. The control lies with an external person that is flipping your world upside down whether you can cope or not. Somehow we have to pick ourselves off the floor, couch, from the safe place under the bed covers and face the reality... this is happening and we have to get through this... somehow. So ‘how’ do we get through this? The pile of mini choices, and fall out implications, seems like a horror scene from a movie. An archive box of receipts not sorted for 10 years, with the taxman looming with his deadlines and ultimatums. It’s not easy to start doing what needs to be done. Here is what got me through my gut-wrenching episodes from the very first stage of the emotional waterfall to the building of the pyramid of power. 28 HOLLER IT. Find a ‘fight’ or ‘surrender’ song that your body can resonate with the words. MARCH 2020 RELEASE IT. Talk through alternative ways forward. Find acceptance for each remaining issue. OWN IT. It’s time to grab this mother effing demon and look it in the eyes. Now you can take ownership of what’s driving your emotions. Energy healers are helpful to identify the past situations that locked the false truths in. EMBODY IT. Meditate and bring in your super hero’s and embrace a new future. ANCHOR IT. Find a reason why this CAN be your future outcome, this is the thing that you return to every time doubts creep back. Go forth with bravery and acceptance that life can be a bloody rough and tough ride but now you get to drive the bus and make the micro choices and adjustments along the way. As a healing specialist, one of the most powerful techniques we have available to us is going within and finding the answers or guidance. This can be hard to do on your own but through guided facilitation you can get around the walls of protection and see the light behind. Then with quantum coaching create a path from that clarity.