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‘I hate seeing people excluded and marginalised.’ Dr ALISON STRANG SENIOR RESEARCH FELLOW, INSTITUTE FOR INTERNATIONAL HEALTH AND DEVELOPMENT I’m Dr Alison Strang, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for International Health and Development at Queen Margaret University. I hate seeing people excluded and marginalised. This is reflected in my work with communities affected by conflict and disaster, as well as refugees and asylum seekers. I use qualitative methods to explore the ways people make sense of their own lives, and communicate findings with service providers and policymakers. O E R A T I N G L B WOMEN RESEARCHERS INSPIRING RESEARCH CAR EER JOURNEYS Sometimes this involves developing a conceptual model, other times a practical tool. I get most satisfaction when I see that research leads to changes in practice! I am closely involved in policy and practice through leading the humanitarian online ‘Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Network’, and ‘New Scots: Integrating Refugees in Scotland’s Communities’ strategy. I was first inspired by Dr Eunice Belbin, my first employer, who was a pioneer woman researcher in the 1950s. She and her husband developed the influential ‘Belbin Team Roles’ management model. She taught me to believe in myself, trust my instincts and keep going until I could see the impact of my efforts.